Nixels Are one of the Hostile mobs in the MixelCraft Mod.


Nixel V1 Shot.jpg

Nixel V2 Shot.jpg

Nixel V3 Shot.jpg

Version Added Version 1.2.6 BETA
Mob Type Hostile/Agressive
Fire-Proof? No
Health Point 8 Points
Mob Tribe Nixel
Mob Color Dark Gray
Mob Size 1x1x1 Block
Common Drops Cookironi
Rare Drops Cubit Core
Biome To Spawn All Biomes in OverWorld Dimension
Spawning Rate 4-8 Mobs Per Spawn
Flyable Mob? No
Model Creator Elastico345
No. of Shapes Used Unknown
Date of Model Created Unknown



Nixels is quite Aggressive. It tends to attacks players when they are relatively close to it.

In Game Appearance

Variation #1

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Variation #2

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Variation #3

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Nixels is added in Mixelcraft Mod version 1.2.6 BETA.


Mob Size

Nixel's Size is about 1 Block high and 1 block Width.


Nixel's Speed is 2.25 which is a sub-normal value for using MCreator.

Mob Loots

Common Loots

Nixels Will Drop a single Cookironi Every Time he get killed.

Rare Loots

Nixels Has A 1% Chance to Drop A Cubit Core.



Nixels Can spawn anywhere in the over world dimension.

Spawning Rate

Nixels is set to 1 group per spawn within a chunk radius away from another group.

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