Nixel Cupcake is one of the Foods Added by the MixelCraft Mod...

Nixel Cupcake
Nixel Cupcake.png
Version Added Version 1.2.6 BETA
Texture Resolution 32x32 Texture
Hunger Points 7 Points
Any Effects? Wither 1
Weakness 2
Slowness 2
Mining Fatigue 1
Is it Craftable? Yes


Nixel Cupcake is been added somewhere between 1.2.0 BETA to 1.2.9 BETA.


Nixel Cupcake Give you 7 Hunger Points each with negative effects shown below.


The Effects Will give you when you eat a Nixel Cupcake is :

Wither 1 Effect in 30 Seconds

Weakness 2 Effect in 45 seconds

Slowness 2 Effect in 45 seconds

Mining Fatigue 1 Effect in 60 Seconds

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