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Welcome to the Mob Voting Article. here will be the one that which mobs will be featured in this wiki. it includes all of your favorite mixels and nixels. how this works is were using a poll instead of comment vote system. there no need to contribute here in the wiki but if this wiki became larger and larger. the voting system may be changed to comment voting system. meaning you need to contribute at least 5 times here in order to vote.

Voting Rules

  • you cannot Vote if you are not registered yet.
  • vote fairly.
  • do not vote the ones that other users ask you to do it.

Who will host this Voting?

the host will be mostly be the Staffs especially the Bureaucrat and Admins. Moderators will be moderating the Voting and the trainees/rollbacks will also moderating the voting but unlike moderators. rollbacks has lower access than moderators.

how this voting worked?