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Welcome to the Mixelcraft Wiki!
Be Amazed that you liked Mixels And Minecraft Mixed Together to form the MixelCraft Mod. Which is a Mod That Brings Mixels To Minecraft. This wiki's purpose is not only showing the Information and Updates About the MixelCraft wiki And The Mod Itself But this is also a Fan Based wiki that Mixels And Minecraft Fans Wanted to Show Their Creativity like Fan Art And Their Opinions.

Come to this wiki and help us contributing and editing. right now we have 297 articles and 2,852 overall edits in this wiki.

Featuring : the Infernites!

Red Hot Fire-Proof Mixels that go beyond the Nether Realm!

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Guarding with the MCPD!

Blue Law-Guarding MCPD Mixels in the Minecraft Towns and Cities!

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Go beyond w/ Glorp Corps.

Green Slimy Glorp Corp Mixels Dwelling in the Swampy Swamplands!

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w/ New Cubits and MORE!

Now it has More Cubits and Features than Ever!!!

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You can go to Minecraft dimension. But hear this. Going to another dimension will lose your mixing powers and the consequences to be expose to Minecraft players and mobs in that dimension. It's a very dangerous place and we don't want you to get hurt or get killed there but if that's your destiny. Then I won't keep begging you to stop about it. Good luck my fellow Mixels and we should be waiting for your return!

Mod Founder and Creator

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