Version Added 1.3.0 BETA
Mob Type Passive
Fire-Proof? No
Health Point 24 Points
Mob Tribe Spikels
Mob Color Brown
Mob Size 1x2x1
Common Drops Quartz
Rare Drops Spikel Ingot
Biome To Spawn Desert Biome
Spawning Rate 1 mob per spawn
Flyable Mob? No
Model Creator Elastico345
No. of Shapes Used 55 Parts
Date of Model Created July 9-10,2016



Hoogi is a Passive Mob That Don't Attack players when near at them or attacking it. it may detect as a color green dot in the Minimap when players enables a "Entities Radar" from Rei's Minimap Mod.

In Game Appearance

Hoogi has 2 Main Colors including Tan And Cream. It also has some minor colors including Silver And Gray. it is a normal sized mod that has the same size as from the players has. but unlike from its appearance. Hoogi's physical size was 1x2x1 (Length x Height x Width) Blocks big. it has 2 arms and legs that they don't move and on its hands has 3 razor sharp fingers each.


Hoogi is added in version 130B9 Snapshot of Mixelcraft Mod.


Mob Size

Hoogi's Size is about 1 13/16 Blocks high and 2 3/4 Blocks Width.


Hoogi's Speed is 2.95 which is a normal value for using MCreator.

Mob Loots

Common Loots

Hoogi Will Drop a single Quartz Every Time he get killed.

Rare Loots

Hoogi Has A 1% Chance to Drop A Spikel Ingot.



Hoogi Can only spawn in the Desert Biome.

Spawning Rate

Hoogi is set to 1 mob per spawn within a chunk radius away from another group.

Mob Rarity

Hoogi is very rare. they can only be found in the desert biome. however they cannot be found in the Desert Hills Biome. So even the Desert Biome is quite Big. there's like a small chance of spawning Hoogi depending on the size of the Desert Biome (Not Desert Hills).

Bugs And Gliches

  • Theres no Glich nor Bugs found with this mob.

Time Lapse Video

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