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Welcome to the "Featured Wiki User" Vote. here in this poll is where will be featured the Wiki Users who Contribute alot and they want to be featured in this wiki. this poll will also increase the chance of being a staff here in this wiki and we will revoke your retired staff restrictions when you win. and please follow these rules.

Rules And Regulations

Voting Rules

  • Please Vote Fairly
  • if you don't win in this vote. your not allowed to be nominated until its after the next month's future poll is done.
  • please do not ask the Founder or Admins that whens the next Poll starts.
  • do not use your second account (if you have one) to vote more.
    • that is considered as cheating and this give you a Strike Warning to your Main account and a Temporary Ban to your Spare account within few months.

Nominate Rules

Poll Vote