Welcome to the Color Theme Poll! here in this Voting will be voting for the color theme of this wiki. were using a poll here instead of comment vote.

Voting Rules

  • Don't Vote the one that other wiki users ask you to do it.
  • Vote Fairly.
  • you cannot Vote if you are not registered yet.


The Poll has been removed and will be back in July 15 for the Next Month's Poll.


  • This Poll will be changed every month.
  • it will be apply if it's the first day of the month.
  • the Next Poll will be started again in the 15th day of the month.

What if the Vote tied up?

There are 2 possible ways...

  • the 2 color theme will be split their color (ex. Red for Buttons and Blue for the Link)
  • the poll will be still continue until its the end of week day (Saturday). if the first day of the month is Saturday. then will be moved to Sunday.
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