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Mod History

Mod Founder, Elastico345 Released The Spixel's Mod in October 29,2016 as a Version 1.0.0 Alpha. Because of it's a Early Release of the Mod. The Mod Founder Considered this Mod as an Alpha Version Due to Many Features are Missing And Bugs May Affect The Game's Performance. In November 9,2016 The Mod Has Been Updated into Version Alpha 1.0.1 Features And Bug Fixes are Applied to the 1.0.1 Alpha Version of the Mod. Changelogs Are Listed Down Below...


1.0 Alpha

1.0.1 Alpha

  • All Spixels Mob Can Now Move! (Bug Fixed)
  • Spixels Mob Chrotorm now has it's Own White Particle Aura!

1.0.0 Alpha

  • Spixels Mob Scor Has Been Added!
  • Spixels Mob Cynando Has Been Added!
  • Spixels Mob Calabazo Has Been Added!
  • Spixels Mob Chrotorm Has Been Added!
  • Spixel's Armor Has Been Added!
  • Spixel's Cubit Has Been Added!
  • Spixel's Tools Has Been Added!
  • Spixel Ingots And Nuggets Has Been Added!
  • Spixel's Armor Effects Has Been Added
    • Will Work Only if you Wearing it's full Armor.
    • or Partially Effect when Mixed With Diamond Armor.