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Elastico345 Elastico345 10 January 2018

I'm Leaving Mixelcraft...

From this day on... I'm leaving Mixelcraft!

And yes some of you guys are still probably care about my Mixelcraft mod but the show is already finished for nearly 2 years already and it's time for me to go on a new chapter of my modding career.

Obviously, this announcement will break most (if not all) people's heart after I tell this to you guys but this is heartbreaking for me as well but as time goes on... maybe in few years, this will be in my history of my main channel and reminding of me doing this mod when I was a younger boy with soo much effort into making Minecraft mods.

I know some of you guys will going to tell me some questions about the future of my Mixelcraft mod as well as this wiki. I will tell some of them right here in this bl…

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DeadAccount294328723 DeadAccount294328723 4 June 2016

Some ideas for 1.4.0

Okay, I've got PLENTY of ideas for this update.

  • Tribe Blocks
    • Tribe Ores
  • More Mixels (Such as the missing ones and S8/S9)
  • Major Nixel
    • King Nixel
  • (Possibly) Other Nixels (ex. Prisioner Nixel that can spawn next to Busto, Spear Nixel that can be found fighting with the Medivals, ect.)
  • Medival Castle
  • Pyrattz Ship
  • Fire Area (Small structures with fire and MCFD)
  • MCPD Station
  • Slime Liquid
  • Cubit Blocks
  • Nixel Tools/Weapons
  • Ceramic Figurines that can be placed down.
  • Turning the Mixels to peaceful (Passive with ones like the MCPD and other defenders) and Hostile with Murps
  • Pipe Tree
  • Mixopolis Vehicles
  • Mixopolis School
  • Mixels have sounds
  • Minor tweak so the "Clinkers" are called their official name, the  "Klinkers".
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DeadAccount294328723 DeadAccount294328723 16 May 2016

A few teasers for my custom od

  • mod

the Mining Update for my mod!

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